The Catholic Women's League of Canada
London Diocese
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Dear Sisters in the League,
One hundred years ago we were formed to let our government know how we felt about laws.  We now have a chance to make a difference.  Please forward this to everyone you know and ask them to take part.
We have a very short time to allow our opinion to count.
This email gives us some background to reply to this request from the Government of Canada request for input.  
I have underlined and bolded some key points. 
When you read the survey form you will notice that you will not be asked whether or not euthanasia should be expanded to include persons with disabilities. Sadly, that is assumed by the government. The only real questions permitted in the survey are whether or not to go with euthanasia through advance directives or to add to existing "safeguards".
You can use the 3 open-ended comment boxes at the end of the survey to point out that persons with disabilities (including those with new diagnoses) should be given the resources to live not the invitation to die.
To go to the government survey go to:
They will warn you that traffic is very high and you may not get through, try anyway LIFE depends on it.